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In 2014 The Artist Transformation School totally changed the way 40 artists see themselves and their practice.

What you get

Belief in yourself and your successful future

How you get it

By developing practical skills through direct, focused training from mentors and coaches who know the independent arts world

The world needs your art!

Get inspired to be become a successful arts business.
Invest a day to learn how.

Practical help for artists and small arts businesses.

Secrets of Success – full-day professional development for all artists. Register now!

Auspicious Arts Incubator is here to close the gap between what you want to become and where you are now.

A team who's actually been there and done it . . . and is still in there doing it.

AAI John Paul 400x400

John Paul Fischbach

Chief Alchemist & CEO

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AAI Craig 400x400

Craig Lambie

IT Guru + CTO

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AAI Jules 400x400

Julie-Anne Black

Producer of Bold & Irresistible Communicators

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AAI Alia 400x400

Alia Vryens

Design Authority & Microsoft Word Wizard

Read more about Alia…

AAI Elizabeth 400x400

Liz O’Brien

Belief Buster

Read more about Liz…

AAI Gerardo 400x400

Gerardo Gonzalez

Wing Forward for Marketing

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