Auspiciousincubator.com.au started out as a group of artists with a zeal to aid our fellow artists in their aspiration to connect sustainable art and business. We know firsthand just what the market is like and how it responds to such a niche venture. 

It was then that we became more aware of the truth that art ventures have predicaments that are, dare we say it, unique to them. Because of this, there aren’t too many agencies that accommodate our plight. 

This is the reality of this line of work. Yet through the shifting tides, opportunities are beginning to open up and what we have set our minds to is have you be connected to said opportunities and get you started. 

Let us be the first (if you haven’t yet heard this before) to say that it isn’t you, your art and your knowledge of it, not your proposal. It’s that this small but slowly expanding niche industry is quite the toughie. That said, you’ll watch yourself thrive with the right connection, endorsement, funding, and business blueprint. 

Therefore, we built it ourselves— an organization with a strong purpose of providing resources and avenues in commencing a profession by artists, for artists, and those aspiring to be. 


To provide aid to artists and their journey towards business success.

You are your own artist. Today, you’ll be your own boss. Auspiciousincubator.com.au fully recognizes the challenges that kickstarting a business entails. Startups often face speedbumps on the road towards profit stability. In the field of sustainable art, the same can be said. But the difference is that you won’t be going through those challenges alone. Our specialists at Auspiciousincubator.com.au will lay the palette down for you to have both a bird’s eye view and a detailed view of business plans that will fit your business goals perfectly. Furthermore, the issue of finances should also be put into perspective. Having to grow your sustainable art business from the bottom up, or to even just give it a proper launch that won’t immediately bring your capital to crumbles. There are ways you can sustain your startup through proper channels of financing.


To offer services and facilities in support of artists’ business goals.

If you’re in need of facilities for rehearsal space, or to hold your art classes and seminars, and office space for your basic operations, we’ve got you covered. You will find that our facilities are tailor-fit to match artists’ requirements. Office space, meeting space, and rehearsal space, you can book at the same time, and under the same group (…us *wink). This will lessen the time and effort you might spend in going through various companies for each rental facility.

To supply both professional and non-professional artists with courses pertaining to skill development

Finally, we at Auspiciousincubator.com.au realize that no matter your level of skill and style in the arts and in conducting business, room for growth is vital to flourishing your career. Thus, we have partnerships with experts in the field who will be conducting classes and symposiums regarding skill development which caters to different artists’ abilities. Side by side with this are practical workshops, one-on-one mentoring, and conferences that target the business aspect of your objectives. Our expert consultants and analysts on deck will help you construct strategic business models so that you don’t merely set your venture in motion. But that you’ll be equipped to bring it closer to successful yields.