Arts Business Success Seminar

Arts Business Success Seminar

You’ve made the decision to start your art business. This is it. The moment. You no longer need to wait for some sign shining under a glimmering golden spotlight and tell you to “go.” So, with much gusto, a no-grey-cloud-above-my-head enthusiasm, and zealousness that can make walls crumble to the ground, you decide to take the first step. 

But then that’s just it. What should be your first step? From a passion-hobby that you’ve honed over time to a venture that you’re hoping will be profitable especially after the said 4-year testing period every startup goes through. What exactly is the plan of action here?

If you’ve been dabbling in such questions, don’t worry. You aren’t alone. Many artists have pondered on the same matters without finding out how to push the pedal and coast onward. How can you get from Point Art to Point Business? (See what we did there? A to B?)

Starting An Arts Business: The Challenges

Artists have extraordinary Vision. The very reason they’re able to create compelling, heart-moving art pieces and performances. And they do so with no holds barred. There is power in art, and artists wield their weaponry like noble warriors in a battle against a world that teeters on false authenticity, microwaveable, copy-cat, re-postable creativity, and a destructive kind of self-exaltation that lingers on vanity and the mundane. 

Artists have the power of great insight. But why does it not seem so once they’re within the borders of entrepreneurship? 

There is a need to identify what the consumer wants. As artists, we trust our instincts and through various art forms, communicate them no matter the audience. In contrast to this, the market doesn’t work the same way.

You have to find out what makes consumers tick, what catches their attention. Thus, you’ll have to think in two opposing ways. The first, as an artist. The second, as a businessperson.

Arts Business Success Seminar

This is where we step in. To aid you in striking that balance between the two. It will take some getting used to. Nonetheless, it’s more possible than most think. The courses will be headed by two of the finest sustainable art entrepreneurs. They’ve experienced going through the process from the get-go, transitioning from various artforms onto the next, and then making the connection to entrepreneurship. 

These amazingly creative and talented artists/ entrepreneurs will guide you through business modules that aren’t hifalutin and ridden with jargon. The courses are easy to follow and the topics therein are laid down in a very clear and simple manner. That’s what we’re aiming for--- a simplistic approach that’s practical. 

Above all, students will encounter business frameworks that will reinforce competitiveness in the market. 

The secrets to reconciling the arts and enterprise, secrets that affluent businesspersons tend to keep to themselves, will finally be shared to artists. Artists who, besides having the passion to bring songs, colours, writings, sculptures, and more, to life, now also have the eagerness and the valiance to further this into a fortuitous venture.