One-on-one mentoring


Real-Time Feedback

One of the benefits of mentoring is that you’ll be given real-time feedback. This is a need that most don’t regard as a priority, when, in reality, it’s among the most essential factors in learning. You as the student can ask the instructors your inquiries and have them answered instantaneously. 

A delay in this parallel process can cause a slower absorption of input. This is a reason why tutoring works in ways that a classroom setting does not. We’ve adapted the same strategy with our coaching program. 


Careful Guidance

Due to the fact that regular and real-time feedback and recommendations can be easily offered by the mentor assigned to you, careful guidance is another advantage this delivers. You won’t have to step into your venture, and your road towards understanding how to even begin, by closing your eyes and trial and error. 

This time, you can map out your steps and trace them, all the while being guided by your mentor. Now, take note this isn’t anything like spoon-feeding. Yes, your mentor will be there will you as a second set of eyes. Nevertheless, you will still be the captain of your ship. You’ll have the first and the last say as to which path you want to steer towards. 


In a conventional classroom dynamic, there usually isn’t enough time, and room, to let every individual student go through experiential learning that’s up to his or her capacity. Everyone’s simply keeping up with the pace of the lesson with few opportunities to take flight on his or her own. 

Not so with one-on-one mentoring. Studies and observational research have proven that in this educational arrangement boosts one’s self-awareness to heights. You won’t be trying to compete with anyone else but yourself. The best type of competition there is because it’s rooted internally. Your progress will rely on you regardless of what goes on in your surroundings. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to realize what your strengths and weaknesses are, and how you can improve on them. Self-analysis doesn’t often come during times like these when the world spins around the externals with self-postings of what’s pleasing to the eye. 

In complete contrast to this, studying your abilities and enhancing them from the inside out will result in a sturdier and genuine foundation.